Top 5 Wednesday | Top 5 Fandoms (books, tv, movies, etc.)

TOP 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey (gingereadslainey on YT) on Goodreads. This week’s T5W topic is Top 5 Fandoms (books, tv, movies, etc.).

My favourite fandoms changed constantly (okay, not really), and I chose my top 5 by how often I read the fanfictions or look at fanarts for that fandom.


1) The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

This series changed my life. There’s nothing else I could say about this fandom short of writing incoherently, and letting out a sound similar to a dolphin or a dying bear.


2) The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

I totally adore Blue and her Raven boys. I am totally in love with Ronan Lynch; with his bad boy persona but always telling the truth, and always going to church, and loves his younger brother and his pet raven (okay, imma stop). I also love Pynch and Bluesy, and Noah 😍


3) Marvel

Okay, so I’ve never actually read the comics or watch the cartoons. I’ve only ever watch the movies/tv shows and read fanfictions. I think I read The Avengers (sometimes xover with other Marvel series) for 12 hours a day (or more, if my mind can only think on STONYSTONYSTONY STUCKY WINTERIRON OMG SCIENCEBRO!!!


4) Teen Wolf

I have NEVER watched Teen Wolf before, not once. But once upon a time, I was looking for WinterIron mpreg fanfictions on Tumblr, and came across one Teen Wolf fanfiction. Ever since then, I fell in love with Teen Wolf fanfoctions, and mpreg!Derek (and bottom!Derek) lol I love fics with suffering Derek 😆


5a) Criminal Minds

I’ve always love crime shows and murders, and puzzles with a genius in the mix, and Criminal Minds offers me all that. The fact that Dr. Reid is cute is a major plus. Also, CM xover with X-men is the best (I am totally in love with SpencerxRemy pairing 😍)


5b) Numb3rs

As I’ve said, I love crime shows. And a genius in the mix. So tadaaa. Numb3rs is one of my fav, and the sibling relationship/bond between Charlie and Don makes me love it even more.


5c) Star Trek

This was my no. 2 fandom last year. I have other no. 2 currently, but this fandom is my comfort fandom. I can go back to this anytime. *cough*SPIRKMCKIRKMCSPIRK* ❤❤❤

Yes, I know I cheated. I have three no. 5, but I can’t help it. Haha

Anyways, those are my top 5 fandoms. What are yours?


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