The Liebster Award


Okay, first, thank you Cath (may I call you Cath :3) from Trust in the Words for this award. This seems so exciting and fun to do, and I’m so happy about this because I didn’t know that many people in the blogging circle 😀 Thank you again.

The rules:

  • Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award.
  • Answer 11 questions that the blog gives you.
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 5-11 blogs you think are deserving of the award that have less than 200 followers.
  • Let the blogs know you have nominated them.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.

The questions given to me:

Warning: Some answers may contain spoiler for people who has not read The Mortal Instruments.

1) What is your favourite pair of fictional best friends?

Clary and Simon from The Mortal Instrument series, hands down. I love boy-girl pair as best friends, and their friendship reminds me of my own with my best friend, only mine is not a guy, and we don’t have a crush on the other.

2) Favourite genre?

I love fantasy, urban-fantasy—especially anything with magic, or angels, or mystical/ supernatural stuff. When I get tired of fantasies, I love to read contemporary novels—romance, or something with a lot of hurt. Historical fiction is also one of my favourites.

3) If you could live in any dystopian world, which one would it be and why?

Hmm… I don’t read that much dystopian novels, but I guess The Selection series world. My choices for dystopian world are limited (since dystopian novels aren’t my cup of tea). I will probably die in the Hunger Games world, or Maze Runner world, or The 5th Wave, because seriously, the outdoors and me are so not compatible, and I’m a klutz. If I was given a weapon, I would probably end up shooting my own leg or other limbs. Okay, so I might probably be starving if I’m a 5 or less in The Selection series world, because I have five siblings and all that, and not to mention, the attacks by the Southern rebels. But hey, I might be born a 2 or 3 or 4 haha. And at least, I won’t have to fight to survive.

4) Which Hogwarts house are you in? And what faction are you from?

Most of the time, I’m a Hufflepuff or a Slytherin (I am sometimes a very calculating person, really not one of my good traits. And I can be devious when I want to). Sometimes, I’m a Ravenclaw (if the quiz didn’t ask about what I usually get on exams haha). But I’ve never been a Gryffindor (I have too many phobias, and the numbers keeps on increasing the older I get. My latest one, although it’s mild still, thank god, is agoraphobia.

As for faction, well, I did one quiz, and it says inconclusive. It also warns me to be careful and hide, because people may come and kill me.

5) What is your favourite book to movie/series adaption?

So far, none. All of them (that I’ve read and watched) were disappointing, especially, Harry Potter, and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (I love Jamily, but everything else is /cries). Seriously, don’t get me started on my rants. Well, okay, Mockingjay Part 2 wasn’t that bad, but it’s not my favourite either.

6) What would you do if your favourite author spontaneously showed up in the mini market?

First, I would fangirl. Then, I would fret whether I should go to her (my favourite authors are Cassandra Clare and J.K Rowling) or not. If I’m with my sister, or my best friend (because I never go out alone), they would shake their head, and drag me over to meet the author. Then I’ll squeak, turn red, and just gush and fangirl. If I so happen brought a book by that author (because I ALWAYS have at least one book, a notepad, and a pen in my bag), I’ll ask her to sign it. Then, I’ll ask for a picture so that I’ll always remember that day.

7) What does reading means to you?

Reading is my solace, ever since I was in middle school. I’m an introvert, and as I grew up, I developed social anxiety. Reading gave me comfort, and I could just disappear or explore other places when I’m reading.

8) Since when did you start blogging?

On wordpress, just recently. On other sites—livejournal and Tumblr—since I was 15 and 18 respectively.

9) Have you ever cried because of a book in public?

Yes, I have. The first time was in fifth grade; I was reading the first Harry Potter book that I owned (Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix) and read it during recess. I got to the part where Sirius died, and the tears came. There are other times too, but I was alone so I didn’t mind. But there was one time during my second year in uni. I was in the library with my friends, and was reading Clockwork Prince. And I cried. In front of my friends. So embarrassing. The latest one was when I was reading Born to Endless Night (Chapter 9 of the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy). I was reading it while I was at the restaurant with my family. Malec feels + Lightwood family feels + Alec feels + other people feels = me crying.

10) Explain the best bookish experience you had (it doesn’t matter if it is too little or too big).

Reading The Mortal Instruments series. This series seriously changed my life (over-exaggerating, but it fits haha). I always love slash pairings, and almost all my OTPs are M/M couples (SherlockxJohn, TonyxSteve, BuckyxSteve, JimxSpock…you get the idea), so when I was reading City of Bones, and Magnus seemed to be paying attention to Alec, I internally leapt with joy. Then, when Alec seemed to be acting suspiciously in City of Ashes, and when he’s with Magnus, my fangirl self was like, ‘Oh god, yes! Newest favourite OTP!’ After that, when I got to City of Glass, and the brief conversation between Malec when demons were attacking the city, I was squealing. Then, Alec kissed Magnus at the Hall of Accords, IN FRONT OF EVERYONE, I was craughing. Yes, I was in the living room, reading, with my sister, and I got to that part, and I started laughing, saying, “Yes, oh my God, THEY ARE CANON!” Then I started crying while I was laughing because finally my M/M OTP is canon. My sister just rolled her eyes at me, but I loved that feeling at that time. You know, the feeling when for once, your ship is an official pairing in the book.

11) Favourite fictional male character of all times?

Malec. Haha, sorry, I couldn’t choose. I love them both, as individuals—they share number 1 place in my top 5 favourite male characters. I love Alec Lightwood because of his personality. He’s caring, and if I have an older brother, I wish Alec was mine. He’s sometimes sarcastic, and I love dry humour. He’s also not perfect, and that made him human (refers to the part where he considers to take away Magnus’s immortality behind Magnus’s back). His love for Magnus is also so… I have no words for it, but that was one of the many reasons I love Alec.

Magnus, on the other hand, I love him because he acts like he doesn’t care about the nephilims, but he always comes to their aid. Even when the Clave didn’t treat him right, or after he broke up (temporarily) with Alec, he still helped them. Of course, they paid for his time, but still. He could have refused, but he didn’t. He also has a soft spot for Clary, and I liked that. He is wise, but people often forgot that because when they looked at him, they saw the glittery, flamboyant warlock. And then, his love for Alec. Oh. It was intense.

11 random facts about me:

  • I am a fangirl, the kind that would spend the money she can’t afford to spend just to get the newest covers of certain books (yes, I’m talking about the new TMI and TID covers), and would spend all her time on the internet to find ANYTHING, even read crackpot theories, while waiting for the next book to be released.
  • I love to feed people. So I love it when my friends and I have a pot luck gathering, and I get to cook lots of food and people would eat them.
  • I love to read, write fanfictions, sing, play the piano, bake, and cook.
  • I am the oldest out of five siblings, but sometimes my relatives always thought I’m the second born (because I’m short, and I don’t know how to talk to people, unlike my brother).
  • I am an introvert, I have social anxiety, a long list of phobias, and I am paranoid.
  • I have a driver’s licence for five years now, but I’ve only ever drove in my neighbourhood, and never on the big roads, going to the mall etc. Yes, I am scared to drive, and my sense of direction sucks.
  • I love anime, manga, Japanese drama, Japanese food, and Korean food… Basically, I love Japanese and Korean culture.
  • I love Sweden. Well, I love being in Europe but Sweden’s my favourite. I wish I could migrate there, or to London, some day.
  • I don’t know what to do with my life. I have completed A and B and C, but I don’t know how to go to D, so that I could achieve my final goal, which is E.
  • I need a new bookshelf.
  • I have a cat, and five kittens. The cat is called Jessi, and the kittens are Winter, Eevee, Magnus, Alec, and Blackie.

The 11 questions you guys have to answer:

  • What book changed your life?
  • Which book couple annoys you the most? Why?
  • Do you prefer an ebook, or a physical copy of a book?
  • Who is your favourite side character? Why?
  • If one of your friend borrowed your book, and accidentally spilled some juice on it, or accidentally tear some pages, what would you do?
  • You can only bring a maximum of three books on your vacation. What books will you bring?
  • Your allowance has just been cut. Which would you prioritize; new books or new clothes?
  • Which character do you feel like killing? Why?
  • Who is/are your favourite book boyfriend?
  • Which character do you want to have as a best friend? Why?
  • Express how you feel about reading in one word (or two. Maximum three words).

Blogs I nominate:

  1. Marlo from Shelf of Pages
  2. Brin Guivera from Brin’s Book Blog
  3. Panda from Panda’s Books
  4. Ali from Book Lover Thoughts
  5. Bridgett Morigna from Writing and Musing

PS- Sorry if the people I nominated has already done this. Currently, I don’t know/follow a lot of blogs so… >.< I hope you’ll have fun doing this nonetheless.




2 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Thanks for tagging me! For your question 5, have you watched/read Hugo/The Invention of Hugo Cabret? The movie adaptation is almost exact and I think they cast Hugo really well 🙂 😛


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