Sunday Updates #2

Hi there~ I haven’t been posting anything here this week. RL pretty much kept me busy. Anyways…

Book updates:


I have just finished Lola and The Boy Next Door. It was amazing. Especially because we get to see Anna and Etiénne again. Seriously, why didn’t I pick up this series sooner.

Because my friend didn’t have Isla and The Happily Ever After yet, I think I’ll buy my own copy of it. But I will probably have to wait for Lady Midnight to come out, so that I can buy that one at the same time. I usually buy my books online (MPHonline) so the shipping is free if I spend RM80+.

I don’t feel like reading anything from my TBR pile right now. So maybe, I’ll reread The Infernal Devices series. I need to refresh my memories on the HeronGrayStairs feels since I need to write fanfics anyways haha

Fanfics updates:

I’ve updated my Malec Alphabet Soup Series, and from the reviews some of the readers submitted, apparently they like it. So I’m glad. Also, one of my readers who left, came back because of it. And I felt smug. I’m still feeling smug. haha

I haven’t started on The Beginning yet, but I’ve wrote some other fics for The Shadowhuntershipweeks on Tumblr. I didn’t get to do one for Clace, but I’ve written on Valentine fic for Sizzy (well, I’m almost done with it and will be posting it tonight), and I’ve wrote a Malec Valentine fic, which is a continuation of my Barista! Magnus series (A TMI Coffeeshop!AU fanfic).

I will be writing more Malec fics, which will start next week, because, well, Malec is my forte after all. I need to start writing Wessa too. BECAUSE SOMEONE REQUESTED IT! FOR THE FIRST TIME SOMEONE REQUESTED IT! ON TUMBLR! LOL I don’t know why but it’s just so much harder to get requests on Tumblr compared to other sites like or Archive of Our Own.

Life updates:

I am still unemployed. I still feel a bit lost about what to do with my life. I think as days passed by, my social skill gets worser. I’m an introvert, with social anxiety, but at least last time, I could still make friends with people online. But now, the conversations pretty much died after a few exchange. Let’s not talk about talking to people face-to-face.

Anyways, thank you for reading 🙂



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