Valentine’s Book Tag

Happy Valentine’s Day!! 😀

I guess, to compensate for not posting at all this whole week (except for Wednesday, because I think I did do the T5W this week). Anyways…on to the otp book tag

Here are the questions:

1. First Book Crush

Ned Nickerson from Nancy Drew books. Don’t judge, okay? Nancy Drew was the book that made me started reading in the first place, and I just couldn’t help but have a crush on Ned.

2. What book would you want as your Valentine?

The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire. Because Malec ;w;

3. Candy Hearts or Chocolate?

Chocolate. I don’t really eat candy. I don’t really eat chocolate either, but I prefer them more than candies.

4. What book would you gift to your true love?

All of Cassandra Clare’s shadowhunters books. My true love will have to know and understand about my love for Malec. Haha

5. Favorite Rom-com

My Best Friend’s Wedding, 10 Things I Hate About You, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and While You Were Sleeping.

6. Best Valentine’s Day gift you ever received (or want to receive)

I’d have to be in a relationship to receive something, so yeah… Although…if I have one, I guess, I don’t know…maybe a stuffed animal. The big, fluffy, cute ones that I can hug. Like a baby chick, or a duckling, or a rabbit. Well, as long as their fluffy so that we could cuddle. I love cuddling, and I’m very cuddle-deprived.

7. Favorite thing about Valentine’s Day (if you love it) OR favorite thing to do on Valentine’s Day (if you hate it)

Fanfictions and fan arts. Because I am a fanfic writer myself, I know that sometimes, people like events as an excuse to write something. And so, Valentine’s fics. There’ll be a lot of them. And fan arts! ❤

Thank you for reading. As usual, I won’t be tagging anyone, but feel free to do ’em if you want to. 😀


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