Top 5 Wednesday | Characters You Are Most Like (May 11th ’16)

Hi there~ Wow, I haven’t been doing this for so long. I kept on procrastinating, and ended up not doing most of last month’s topic. And right now, I procrastinated again, which is why I am so very late. Anyways, let’s begin.

T5W was created by Lainey on Goodreads, and this week’s topic is characters you are most like. This is a difficult topic orz



Cath “Cather” Avery from Fangirl

Cath is the character that I am most like, and by that, I meant I have a lot of things in common with her compared to other fictional characters. To list it out, 1) We are both fangirls; 2) We both write fanfictions; 3) We both are introverted and have social anxiety; 4) We ship slash pairing(s);  5) We both ate protein bars because, well, I did it because I didn’t want to go to the communal kitchen and Cath did it because she didn’t want to ask where the dining hall is; and the list goes on.



Scarlett Epstein from Scarlett Epstein Hates it Here

Scar’s another character that is most similar to me. Again, we both writes fanfictions. Also, the number of friends we have in “real life” can be count on one hand, but we have a LOT of friends in online communities.



Isla from Isla and the Happily ever after

I am like her, I guess, because of our insecurities. And also because when I was her age, I too didn’t really know what I wanted to do in university. I studied for the sake of studying, and the course I chose in university is not because I like it but because it is practical. Other than that, I like traveling, but like Isla, I traveled and “went on adventures” through books because I’m afraid to do it for real, in real life, alone.



Kasey’s best friend from Kasey Screws up the World

Yeah, I kind of forgot the name of Kasey’s best friend, and I can’t look it up because my ebook copy of Kasey Screws Up the World that I received from Netgalley has expired. Anyways, I am like Kasey’s best friend because we both love to bake, we stress bake, and we love to feed other people (mainly our friends) with the things we baked.



Aristotle Mendoza from Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Like Ari, I think a lot, especially when I’m left with my own devices. I think about things like life, mostly. Sometimes, it gets depressing. And that is all the similarity that I share with him.

So…those are the characters I am most like. There are probably others, but these are the ones that I remembered.

So, who are the characters you are most like? Do we have any in common?


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