NCIS Season 13 Finale “Family First” Review


After 8 months, more or less, NCIS season 13 has finally come to an end. And such an emotional season has it been. A lot has happened, and the characters has grown. Gibbs is finally talking to a shrink, instead of just talking to his surgeon, Dr. Taft, or to Ducky. McGee has finally taking a huge step with Delilah—first, they moved in together, and then he decided to propose, and they were looking for a bigger place. Bishop divorced Jake after finding out that he cheated on her. But the thing that made me most emotional about this season is that it was Michael Weatherly’s last season with NCIS.

But I’ll get to that later. First, let me talk about what I think of the season finale, Family First.

I guess, from what you may (or may not know), Episode 23 of NCIS ended with a cliffhanger. A cliffhanger where we, the audiences, doesn’t know whether Ziva survived the fire at the farmhouse where she was supposed to be staying. Of course, before this week, I watched and read anything and everything that’s available regarding the 24th episode. Of course there was no definite answer whether Ziva’s alive or not, but I kept my hopes up.

And it broke as soon as I managed to watch the final episode today. At first, it was unbelievable because it was Ziva, you know? I just can’t believe that Ziva would go down like that, because of a fire. I thought, maybe there was some kind of mistake, because they did say they managed to get one person out from the fire.

And then, Mossad Director, Orli, was there in the United States, and she confirmed that Ziva was indeed dead. Tony was furious that she was there instead of in Israel, trying to find the person who started the fire. So, she told Tony that there was something of Ziva’s that she has to give to Tony personally. She asked Tony if she knew Tali. Tony replied that wasn’t that Ziva’s sister’s name. And Orli said, “Her namesake,” before revealing a young girl. Orli introduced the girl as Tali, Ziva’s daughter, and also Tony’s. This was my reaction.


I totally didn’t see that coming. When I was trying to find out if there’s any clue about Ziva for ep 24, I found out that they said they’re doing something special for the season finale. I totally didn’t see this coming. I really, really didn’t see it coming.

After that, things get emotional, well…more emotional. Tony was thinking all these things, about Ziva, about Tali… He wondered if Tali even knows that he was her father. And that’s just sad. Damnit. I really love Tony and Ziva together, which is why it hurts when Ziva left, and when she managed to make Tony return home. I always knew that Tony still loves Ziva, partly because of his failed relationship with Zoe (I think that was her name).

Anyways, later Tony was at home, playing with Tali when he saw the photo among Tali’s things. It was a photo of Tony and Ziva together, on a motorcycle. I think it was from the episode when they were in Paris? Or somewhere…I don’t really remember. But anyways, when Tali saw the photo, she identified Ziva as mother, and Tony as father. That has made Tony more sure about his decision of leaving, after what Palmer said about being all that Tali has right now.

Tony joined his team was last time to apprehend Kort. They ended up shooting Kort when he reached for his gun, but don’t you think that was justice for Ziva’s death…and for Fornell? That night, Tony went to Gibbs, and told him his decision to resign his post. And I totally didn’t cry when Tony offered his hand for a handshake, but Gibbs hugged him instead. Really. Okay, no, there were tears.


And then, the next day, Tony and Abby was at the office, and both were in the elevator, and Abby pulled the elevator trick, you know, the conference room thing. And it was just, darn. I was legit crying by that time. Emotional overload. Tony went to Vance’s office to turn in his badge and gun, and then saying his goodbyes to Ducky and Palmer, before going to his desk to grab his things. He passed the mantle of “Very Special Agent” to McGee, and said that Bishop is becoming a really great agent, and I just…cried.


I’ve watched NCIS since season 1, and Tony has been there since then. Tony Dinozzo was one of the constant, aside from Gibbs. And now that he’s leaving after 13 years, I’m just really sad. But I guess, I get why Michael Weatherly decided that it was time for Tony Dinozzo to retire.

I’m really sad that Tony won’t be there anymore for the next season. He was the comic relief in NCIS, and I just…I guess I have come to love him. I didn’t at first. He acted like an idiot sometimes, but then, when he decided to be serious, that’s when we see why he’s the ‘Very Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo’.

So, all in all, the finale was a very emotional experience. I still can’t believe they decided to kill Ziva, but I’m glad for Tali. And now, I really can’t wait for the new season to start. I read somewhere that we will see a lot more of Fornell in the next season, so I am excited. Aside from Tony Gibbs interaction, I also love Gibbs Fornell interaction. I hope we’ll see a lot more of Emily too. I really like Emily and Gibbs interaction too.

So, that was that. NCIS Season 13 Finale was too much that I really had to use gifs to convey my feelings. Haha.

So, anyone else out there who also watches NCIS? What do you think about this season and its finale?


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