Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Videos/Posts (22nd June ’16)

Here I am, late again. *sigh*

Anyways… For those of you who doesn’t know, Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey on Goodreads. This week’s topic is Favorite videos/posts ( can be anything from my favorite discussion, to my favorite review, to my favorite photo I’ve posted on Instagram).



The book review I wrote for Solace by Therin Knite. Okay, I guess my review was still all over the place, and I’m still looking for my style of writing book reviews, but still, my review for this book was marked as featured review on Netgalley. I just felt so proud of myself. Haha



Yes, I am the proud owner of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, new edition (?). So now, I own the ones with the old cover and the new ones. You didn’t know how happy I was when these books arrived in the mail for me. 😀



I love this post because I get to show off some of my snow globes from my snow globes collection. I collect snow globes whenever I go overseas, but some of the snow globes was bought for me by my mom.


I love pretty fonts. Pretty fonts are sometimes one of the things that influence me into buying a book. 😀



My mini-library. I love this Instagram post because I love to see the books I own. Haha. I still have some, but it’s stacked up on the table. I seriously need a new bookshelf. My built-in shelf is not enough for my books, since I buy books almost every month.

Well, that’s all of them, I guess. See anything you like? xD

So, what are your favorite posts/videos?


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