The Reader’s Confession Tag

Hi everyone! 😀

In my attempt to be more active, I decided to do a book tag. I know I should be writing book reviews instead, but right now, I’m suffering from a block and I can’t find words for my thoughts.

Anyways, I saw this tag on a few blogs, but I don’t remember which though. It is called The Reader’s Confession Tag, and it seemed interesting, so I decided to try. 😀

1. Have you ever damaged your OWN book?

Yes. Sadly, I have. Unintentionally, directly and indirectly. You see, my lips are dry a lot, and most of the time, I am too lazy to apply lip balm. In the end, I always pick at it, and it bleed most of the time. There are times when I didn’t realize it, and only noticed when there were smears of blood on the pages of my book after I turned the page. There was one time I indirectly damaged my own book. I was 11 years old, and I was arguing with my younger brother. I was reading my Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix book, hard cover version that my dad bought for me on his trip to London, and my brother just grabbed at the page I was reading and tore the page.

2. Have you ever damaged a BORROWED book?

Once. When I was young and stupid. I don’t do that anymore because I’m really careful now with all the books I borrowed. It was an accident though, the first time. It was a book I borrowed from school during Library period when I was in primary (elementary) school. I took it with me during my vacation. I didn’t realize how but somehow, milk spilled into the bag where I placed the book. When I got home, I didn’t know what to do so I just placed it in the drawer. Let’s just say, if I was doing an experiment on mold, I would’ve gotten an A.

3. How long does it take you to read a book?

It really depends. If I have nothing to do, and the book really really interest me, then I would most probably finish it in one sitting. If not, I would probably take one day. If I was busy, then at most it would take me two days. However, if I am not motivated to read the book, or if the book didn’t really interest me much or can’t hold my attention, it would probably take me a week or two.

4. Books that you haven’t finished?

I know there’s quite a few but the only ones I remember are these:
› Hush Hush series: Crescendo, Silence and Finale (At first, it was because I couldn’t find the other books. But after I found them, the first book was just to meh in the first place that I didn’t feel like rereading, and so, this series ended up in my DNF list.)
› Morganville Vampires series: Ghost Town onwards (At first, it was because I couldn’t afford Ghost Town, since it was only available in Hardback copy, and that cost me RM69. By the time I bought this book, five years has passed, and I just didn’t have time to reread from the first book)

5. Hyped/Popular books you don’t like?

There are a few. Some of them are:

6. Classics you didn’t enjoy?

Robinson Crusoe. I had to read that for my English class when I was thirteen, or fourteen, I don’t remember. But I remembered I don’t like it.

7. Books you bought just for the intellectual-ness of it all?

Does Language books count? If yes, then I’ve bought a few Language books that I was interested in learning: a few Japanese books (English-Japanese dictionaries, Japanese grammar books, Japanese workbooks, and phrasebooks), Korean, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, French, Mandarin, and German dictionaries and phrasebooks. There’s also some others like “The Art of Body Language”, and some International Business books.

8. Any books you haven’t given back?

A few. Five Percy Jackson and the Olympian books, Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods, Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes, The Demigod Files, Winger, The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Song of Achilles, and three other books that I forgot the name. I borrowed it from two friends, who are siblings. The good thing is the three of us has an understanding. Besides, they are keeping my books hostage too. LOL

So, what do you think? Anything we have in common? Or any interesting stories you want to share regarding any of these questions? Tell me in the comments 🙂


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