Top 5 Wednesday: Characters You’d Want as Family (7th Sept ’16)

Hi guys! This is Top 5 Wednesday, a discussion on Goodreads, which was created by Lainey, and currently maintained by Sam. This week’s topic is Characters I’d want as a family. It can be in general, or it can be very specific.


Luke Garroway (Lucian Graymark) from the Mortal Instruments Series

I would love to have Luke as my uncle. He’d be a very cool uncle, who gives pretty good advices. I think. And a bonus point of having him as an uncle is that I can spend my time in his bookstore. How cool is that? 😀


Alec Lightwood from the Mortal Instruments Series

If I have an older brother, I would want it to be Alec. He’s responsible, he’s sassy, and he’s a mother hen sometimes. I think it would be nice to have someone like him.



Remus Lupin from Harry Potter series

He could be my distant older cousin, who is always quiet but always there to help me study.


Isabelle Lightwood

I think Izzy would make a cool sister. Older sister, since she’s born in 1991, and I’m born in 1992. She would probably drive me crazy sometimes, but I think she can make a difference in my life. As in, making me socialize more. I think, because she’s Izzy, she can make me go out to parties or gatherings and meet new people and make new friends (Unless I get an anxiety attack).


Lola and her dad (the one that bakes) from Lola and the Boy Next Door

It would be so cool if Lola’s dad (the one that bakes) is my uncle. Seriously, I will go to their house everyday so that I can bake with him everyday. Another cool thing is that Lola can be my cousin, my COOL cousin. She can make me cute outfits 😀

So, that is all from me. What do you think of my list? Comment below to tell me what you think. 😀


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