30 Days Blog Challenge: Close To Your Heart (Day 2)


Hi guys~ It’s the second day of the 30 Days Blog Challenge…well, technically, it’s not, but I’m still awake, I have not gone to bed so I refuse to think of this as a new day.

Today’s topic is Close To Your Heart, and I’m supposed to write about the band/musician that is important to me.

Currently, I don’t really have any favourite bands or musicians. Most of the time, I just listen to whatever sounds nice on Youtube via video suggestions. But I do have three bands that is important to me.

I bet you’re wondering who ;-P

1. Arashi (J-pop idols)


Arashi was not the first Jpop group that I love, but they are the ones that lifted my spirit when I’m down, and made me laugh when I cry. I always had a hard time when I was a teenager, and I used to listen to Arashi’s songs everyday. Because of Arashi, I found my first online family. I found friends that really gets me, doesn’t matter that they are only online friends, they were still my friends.

2. Hey! Say! JUMP (J-Pop idols)


The third J-POP group that I fell in love with. And, Hey1! Say! JUMP led me to my second online family, members of the Asian Karaoke forum, from the song coverist community. If it wasn’t for HSJ, I wouldn’t have found AK, and I wouldn’t have found my Rhea (Sabina) and Kat <3. And if I haven’t found Asian Karoake, I wouldn’t have discovered that I could fall in love with K-POP too.

3. Infinite (K-POP idols)


While Arashi gave me strength in high school, Infinite gave me strength when I was in university. At that time, I couldn’t listen to any of Arashi songs, because at that point, I have associate Arashi with high school, and it makes me cry sometimes when I listen to Arashi songs. So, I turned to Infinite. At that time, I also started to watch variety shows starring Infinite, so it helped me a lot too. Seeing their determination and all that to be successful in their career.

So, these are the bands/musicians that are important to me. I hope you liked it. Do you listen to J-Pop and K=pop too? Who are your favorite bands or musicians? 🙂


3 thoughts on “30 Days Blog Challenge: Close To Your Heart (Day 2)

  1. How cool! I don’t listen to any J- or K-pop (except a couple of songs that I stumbled upon by chance) because I don’t know where to start, but I’ll consider giving these groups a chance whenever I’ll be in the mood (I’m an extreme mood-listener as well as mod-reader) 😃


    1. Yeah, I totally understand that feeling. I often felt like that when I wanted to listen to English songs. JPOP songs always sounds so happy for some reason HAHA But with KPOP, you can feel a lot of variety xD

      Ooh nice! *high five* 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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