Top 5 Wednesday | Characters You Used to Love but Don’t Anymore (Nov 9th, ’16)

Annyeong~ 🙂 It is Wednesday, so time for another Top 5 Wednesday post. I didn’t post one last week, so shh.

Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads discussion group created by Lainey, but now moderated by Sam. This week’s topic is Characters You Used to Love but Don’t Anymore. It doesn’t just mean characters that you now hate, it can also mean characters that you don’t love as much as before too.

Before we start…


Please don’t hate me for this ;w; As usual, my list is in no particular order.



Jace Herondale from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

I don’t hate him, but I just don’t love him as much as before. I mean, I still love his bromance with Alec, and his bromance with Simon, but Jace as an individual? Well, let’s just say that he is now at the bottom half of my top 10 list.



Will Solace (the blonde one) from Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan (art by tamaytka)

Will was one of my favourite characters from PJO series because he made Nico so happy in Trials of Apollo. But he made Nico so so sad in Escopeta’s fanfiction, Homebound, and I just can’t help but hate him in that fic. And because of that, my feelings for Will thawed, and I don’t love him as much anymore.



Steve Rogers from Marvel’s Captain America

Ever since The Avengers, the first movie, my love for Steve dropped a bit. I felt that he’s so self-righteous. That was also influenced by some fanfictions. I don’t know if you’ve my post about the book hangover, but there, I mentioned that I love Tony-related fics. Mostly, I love hurt!Tony trope. Then, Civil War came, and my love for Steve Rogers disappeared completely. I am not going to get into that rant, because believe me, I won’t stop when I start, even if it’s been 6 months.



Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games

Because I am running out of options haha. Okay, Katniss, I love her at first. Okay, maybe just for the one book. Uh, I loved her a bit in the second book too. Just a bit. I mean, Katniss is a strong character, who wouldn’t like that? She’s everything I’m not. But I started not to like her again for the way she treated Peeta. I just. Can’t. I guess, most of my love for Katniss is also because she’s with Peeta. So… I don’t know if this made sense haha



Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter

Growing up, Professor Dumbledore has got to be one my favourite characters. His wise and so knowledgeable. I guess, this is again influenced by the fanfictions that I’ve read. I just thought that, some things could have been better if Dumbledore didn’t keep Harry in the dark. That maybe, if he didn’t, Sirius might be alive. And after that, my love for Dumbledore lessened.

So, that’s my list for this week. Please don’t hate me. Haha

Who are the characters you once love but now, not anymore, or not so much anymore? Do we have anyone in common? Tell me in the comment below 🙂


One thought on “Top 5 Wednesday | Characters You Used to Love but Don’t Anymore (Nov 9th, ’16)

  1. I was #TeamCap for the entirety of Civil War. Mainly cause I do believe that the avengers should be regulated, but sometimes situations arise where you need to run off and save the world before signing a contract saying you can do so. I agree with you on Dumbledore, but I still love his character.


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