30 Days Blog Challenge: Master of Procrastination (Day 7)


Little kids, children, teenagers, adults… Everyone procrastinates. You’re lying if you tell me that you don’t procrastinate. Today, I’m not going to tell you why people procrastinate, why it happen. Instead, I am going to tell you what I do when I procrastinate (as a self-proclaimed Master of Procrastination).

You see, I write fanfictions, and my own original novel, and I blog, and make song covers (well, used to. Not so much anymore right now). And I have chores to do at home. But I found that I’m always procrastinating. Especially on weekends, and especially when my mum is not in the country (because my mum will bite my head off if I don’t finish washing the dishes, and my dad won’t care as long as there’s still mugs and plates and stuff he could use).

Anyways, today is a weekend (it’s Saturday) and it also happens that my mum’s out of the country (she went to Rome). Guess what I did today? Yup, I’ve been procrastinating. Other than washing some of the glasses, and plates, and cooking rice, I didn’t do any other chores. Or write anything I’m supposed to write. (Except for now, but now doesn’t count because it’s midnight).

I guess I should bring us back to the main topic, or well, what I was supposed to be writing for this topic. What I do when I procrastinate (or at least, what I did today).

What I did when I procrastinate:

1) Watch TV shows and dramas

Because I recently started watching a Korean drama entitled “Hidden Identity”, today I watched two episodes of it (Episode 4 and 5). Usually, I’d watch more than that, but somehow I felt a little bit sleepy. So, instead, I did another thing I always do when I procrastinate.

2) Read fanfictions

I read a lot of fanfictions every single day. Right now, I’m in my Avengers/Captain America/Iron Man… or I guess, Marvel fandom phase again. I have been for months. (Well, actually, three weeks back, I started reading a lot of Kingsman fanfictions again, but it didn’t last very long). So, today, I was reading The Avengers fics (and also rereading some old one). Let me just share three of my favourite fanfiction authors from this fandom.

Riverlander974She wrote this awesome fanfiction with awesome familial relationship between Tony and the Carters and the other Howling Commander legacies. Her Tony and Sharon relationship is so sweet, basically everything is so sweet that I just can’t help myself and fangirl. A lot.

Sailor Chibi – Her work is just Wow! From her fics, I learn things that I didn’t even know before. Like non-sexual age play. Yeah, I didn’t know that’s a thing. She also write a lot of sub/dom fics. I wish I can write those but I just can’t imagine the pleasure they get when they reach their head space or something so I couldn’t. Oh, I also LOVE her post-captain america: civil war fanfictions (or even fanfictions with lots of Tony!Whump and Steve hurting Tony emotionally, be it unintentionally or not, and Tony decides not to take Steve back. Later. Hah! Take that Steve! LOL) I’m sorry, I just can’t find myself liking Steve again after Civil War. I mean, how could he just ram his shield into Tony’s chest? Oh! I also love that she recently started writing Tony Stark/ T’Challa fanfictions. Surprisingly, I fell in love with that couple. Or not really surprising.

Potrix –  I love WinterIron (James “Bucky” Barnes/ Tony Stark) fanfictions, and after watching Age of Ultron, I love this pairing more than I love Stony (Steve Rogers/ Tony Stark) pairing. And then, after Civil War, hands down, I love this more than Stony. Because Bucky didn’t have a choice when he killed Tony’s parents, but Steve had a choice when he withheld that information from Tony, and when he beat Tony up with the shield. Anyways, Potrix writes a lot of WinterIron fanfictions, and they are so sweet, I love them so so much.

3) Playing the piano

I read fanfictions on my phone, usually, because if I read it on my phone, I can read it lying down. And today, I spent the whole day downstairs instead of in my room. My laptop needed to be connected with a plug because the battery is dead, so if I want to read lying down on the couch, my phone is my only option. But when I read lying down, after a while, I get sleepy or get a headache.

So, I went and played my piano. I usually play something from memory if I’m taking a short break from reading. Usually, something like Canon in D (I don’t remember which version, but definitely not the original one) or River Flows In You.

4) Watching Youtube videos

After a few minutes (or half an hour), I’ll return to the living room couch, and become a couch potato. Sometimes, I’ll resume reading fanfictions. But if not, I’ll start watching Youtube videos. Sometimes, I watch song covers or KPOP dance covers. But today, I watched something different. I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, so you may (or may not) know that I love baking. And I suddenly had the urge to make churros. So, I went to look for videos on youtube. I hate frying things, because I’m always attacked by the hot oil (kidding, but not really), so I looked for baked churros videos. And the one I found, I hit a jackpot. Her video was perfect… Well, it was nice. And so were her other videos. And from there, I followed a link to another video, by another pastry chef. Let me just link three of my favourites down below.

Gemma StaffordHer Baked Churros, and Baked Donuts seriously look amazing. And her Brownie Layer Cake with Cookie Dough Frosting looks amazing too. I really can’t wait to try making them myself.

TessaAriasTVI arrived at her channel by looking at her 10 minutes butterscotch sauce recipe. But her other recipes are really cool too. Especially her Nutella-filled Churros. After baking the churros using Gemma Stafford’s recipe, I am definitely going to fill my churros with Nutella like in Tessa’s recipe. 😀

Julia M Usher I found her channel when I was looking for tutorial on how to decorate sugar cookies. And I was so lucky for finding her channel. There are a lot of cool stuff there. SHE MAKES 3D COOKIES!! Like 3D Woodland Cookie Boxes. Just wow!

My procrastinating didn’t end there, sadly. After dinner, I procrastinated by playing Jelly Crush on my phone. And after that, I resumed watching youtube videos. Well, I did manage to do 15 minutes of pilates, so that’s good, right?

After my impromptu pilates session, I lay on the couch, doing nothing. Only at 11 p.m. I started become productive again. First, I designed some simple banners for my blog post using Photoshop, and then, I started blogging.

So, that’s it. That is what I do when I procrastinate, and I guess, that’s also the cliffnote version of my day.

What do you usually do when you procrastinate? Comment with your answer down below, and like the post…if you like it. 😀



2 thoughts on “30 Days Blog Challenge: Master of Procrastination (Day 7)

  1. I can do almost anything when I procrastinate. For example when I need to study, sometimes even just staring at the walls becomes quite interesting, hehe. But mostly it’s Youtube that is the real concern!


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