Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Publishers (Nov 16th ’16)

I am late again ASDFGHJKL;ASADFGHJKL; It has been a busy week. Anyways, the usual T5W intro…

Today is definitely not Wednesday, but I did wrote the contents on a Wednesday (I just couldn’t post it then). The topic is favourite book publishers. That is pretty straight forward so I don’t have to explain it or elaborate on it.

My Top 5 Publishers:

1) PENGUIN Random House

2) Simon and Schuster

3) HarperCollins/ Harper Teen

4) Bloomsbury Publishing

5) Harlequin Teens

Honorable mention:

1) Disney-Hyperion

2) Random House Books

I’m writing this on my phone, which is why I didn’t add in any images, and no elaboration either (Okay, I’m on my laptop now, which is five days after I wrote everything, but I’m in a hurry so I didn’t insert any images still). It’s such a hassle writing a post using a phone. Usually, I’d have a thousand (okay, not really, but there’s a lot) of tabs opened for information and such if I’m on my laptop, but it’s really hard to do that using a phone.


That’s my list. I was surprised that I could name this from memory. I didn’t realize when I’ve started paying attention to these (probably when I started requesting e-galleys from Netgalley), because before this I didn’t really take note who the publishers are.

So, who are your favourite publishers? Tell me in the comment section below. And press that like button if you like this. Come on, I know you want to ;P


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