My Dream Author Panel


Hey guys! Close your eyes and imagine, you’re attending a conference with a panel consisting of your favourite authors or even your favourite fictional characters. Last week, Eventbrite inspired me to do just that with a project they’re working on. And because we never get to have foreign authors coming to Malaysia for events (well, Sarah J Maas did came last year I think), I went crazy with this.

For those who may or may not know, Eventbrite is the largest self-service ticketing platform in the world that helps people find and plan events. Interested in hosting your own conference? Check out Eventbrite’s Conference Planning Page for useful and free tools.



  1. J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series
  2. Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson series
  3. Cassandra Clare, author of the Shadowhunter Chronicles

Questions I will ask:

  1. J.K. Rowling. In the Harry Potter books, there are individuals that can speak to serpent-based creatures. How did you create Parseltongue? What tip would you give others who wanted to create their own language?
  2. Rick Riordan. I have always been in love with Greek and Roman mythology, however I always find it hard finding well-written YA fantasy books about Greek and Roman myths. What books, for research purposes, would you recommend to aspiring authors who wants to write a book with the aforementioned myths?
  3. Cassandra Clare. A couple of years ago, someone had asked on if you would write a trilogy or series that focused on Malec. Your answer was no. Now, in 2017, have you reconsider it?



  1. Holly Bourne, author of Am I Normal Yet?
  2. Matthew Quick, author of Every Exquisite Thing
  3. Kathleen Glasgow, author of Girl In Pieces

Questions I will ask:

  1. What is the most difficult aspect when it comes to writing a realistic portrayal of mental illness?
  2. Oftentimes, it was said that great stories are told for an individual’s own experience. However, for those who has not suffered from mental illness, what kind of research would you recommend to ensure that the portrayal of mental illness is accurate?



  1. Stephanie Perkins, author of Anna and the French Kiss
  2. Maggie Stiefvater, author of The Raven Cycle
  3. Holly Bourne, author of the Spinster Club series
  4. Cassandra Clare, author of the Shadowhunter Chronicles

Question I will ask:

  1. How did you write such a beautiful and real friendship that managed to capture all our heart?



  1. Benjamin Alire Sáenz, author of Aristotle and Dante Discovers the Secrets of the Universe
  2. Madeline Miller, author of The Song of Achilles

Questions I will ask:

  1. Madeline Miller. What made you decide to explore the relationship between Achilles and Patroclus as a romantic one?
  2. Benjamin Alire Sáenz. What tips can you give to prevent writers from stereotyping their LGBTQ+ characters?



  1. Alec Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments
  2. Evie from Am I Normal Yet
  3. Mira from Fans of the Impossible Life
  4. Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instruments

It was so hard to choose for this, because if I could, I would’ve list down all my favourite characters. Because of that, I decided to choose a category before choosing my characters. For this panel, I would like my favourite characters to talk about diversity awareness. Wouldn’t that be nice? So, for this panel, I chose Alec, who is gay; Evie, a girl with OCD and a feminist; Mira, a girl suffering from depression, and a POC; and Magnus Bane, a bisexual warlock and also Indonesian from his mother’s side (plus, he understood what it was like to be discriminated against because he is a warlock).


Where will the panel takes place?

  1. Of couse, in Kuching, Sarawak. If anything interesting happens (such as Sarah J Maas Asian tour last time), it’s always in Kuala Lumpur. I would need to get on an airplane to get there. So of course, if this conference were to happen, it would be in my hometown.
  2. Pullman Hotel, Kuching. I’ve been to Education Fairs at Pullman Hotel, and the halls are quite big so I think it’s a good place. Besides, it’s close to my home so easier for me to drive there. I kind of have no sense of direction, so if it’s someplace far, I am sure to get lost.

Would you like to go to this conference if it was real? Who are the authors you’d like OR fictional characters, for your own dream panel? Comment down below and tell me who they are. I’d love to hear from all of you 🙂


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