Top 5 Wednesday | Fandoms You Are No Longer In (30th May ’17)

Good evening, everyone~ As per usual, I’m late.

By now, I think most of you know the drill. Top 5 Wednesday is a discussion group on Goodreads, currently hosted by Sam, where we get to list out our top 5 fav books based on the topics given.

This week’s topic is Fandoms I am No longer In.

top 5 list

1) YA Dystopian Worlds/ Genre

Dystopian books used to be one of my favourite genre. Most of the time, it sets in other worlds, so it is interesting to me. But lately, I’ve been feeling so ‘meh’ when I try reading dystopian. I only read a few pages of An Ember In the Ashes and Flawed before I gave up, and I haven’t even started The Maze Runner yet. I don’t know if I ever going to start reading them again, but for now, I’m just going to let them collect dust on my bookshelf.

2) Stucky (Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes) fandom


Okay, so I am a Tony Stark fan, and love pairings with Tony in it (Stony or WinterIron or StarkSpanglesWinter) but I still like “Stucky” too. HOWEVER, ever since Civil War came out, I am SO angry at Steve choosing Bucky over Tony, I can’t stand that ship anymore. I can’t even read any of their fanfictions or headcanons or look at their fanarts. I’m not mad at Bucky though, just Steve.

3) Fallen Angels trope

I used to love the “Fallen Angels” fandom back in high school. So much that sometimes, I didn’t even stop to check the rating for the books before buying them (which is why I am now regretting buying Halo and its two sequels). But now, well, I tried reading them again. I finally bought the second book, third and fourth book for Hush Hush, and so tried to reread Hush Hush before continuing to the second book and I can barely focus on it.

Okay…so this is all I could think of *makes horrified face* I’m sure I have a lot more fandoms that I am no longer interested in. But I honestly can’t think of anymore right now, so I guess, this will have to do.

So, my list is shorter than usual, but I hope you still enjoy reading it.
What are the fandoms that you are no longer in?




3 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday | Fandoms You Are No Longer In (30th May ’17)

  1. I’m not sure where they’re going with Steve.. Even though Loki will forever be my favorite Marvel character, Steve is a close second.. But you’re right, Civil War made it weird.


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