Blog Tour & Giveaway: Internet Famous by Danika Stone

Title: Internet Famous
Author: Danika Stone
Published by: Swoon Reads
Publication date: June 6th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
Source: Xpresso Book Tour & Netgalley
Rating: 4 / 5 stars

Can an online romance survive in real life?

Internet sensation Madison Nakama has it all! Her pop-culture rewatch site has a massive following, and fans across the world wait on her every post and tweet. Even Madi’s dismal romantic life seems ready to take off as Laurent, a fellow geek (and unfairly HOT French exchange student!) starts flirting with her in the comments section of her blog. But Laurent’s not the only one watching for Madi’s replies.

Internet fame has a price, and their online romance sparks the unwanted attention of a troll. When Madi’s “real life” hits a rough patch, she feels her whole world crumbling. With Laurent’s support, can Madi rally her friends across the globe to beat the troll, or will he succeed in driving her away from everything―and everyone―she loves?

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I’ve read Danika Stone’s All the Feels, and I liked it, so I really was excited to read this book. Besides, I really love the premise of the book. It is something I could relate too really well. I feel like shoving this book to my parents and say online friends are real friends too. 

I love how fluffy and cute this book is. And how some parts of this book made me feel like smacking people on the head. Yes, trolls, I’m talking to you. The fact that this book includes some serious topic is great. Lately, I really like books that incorporate serious topics, in this case, cyberbullying.

I like that the characters are portrayed really well, especially Madi. She acted how I expected her to act. I like that the book is written beautifully. Some books tend to feel awkward, but this book flowed really well. 

To sum it up, I love this book, and I think it could be the perfect summer reads. It is cute, but at the same time, has such serious topics; a perfect balance between fluff and seriousness. I’d recommend this for everyone who is looking for the perfect light and fluffy YA book to read this summer.

I rate it 4 / 5 stars. 

Author  Bio:

Danika Stone is an author, artist, and educator who discovered a passion for writing fiction while in the throes of her Masters thesis. A self-declared bibliophile, Danika now writes novels for both adults (The Intaglio Series and Ctrl Z) and teens (Icarus and All the Feels). When not writing, Danika can be found hiking in the Rockies, planning grand adventures, and spending far too much time online. She lives with her husband, three sons, and a houseful of imaginary characters in a windy corner of Alberta, Canada.

The first book in Danika’s upcoming Tathagata series (Edge of Wild) was selected as a quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel of the Year Award (2013). Edge of Wild (Stonehouse CA) will be released March 2016. Danika’s YA novel, All the Feels (Macmillan US), will be released June 2016.

Ms. Stone is represented by Morty Mint of Mint Literary Agency.

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