Book Review: NemeSIS by Susan Marshall

33828534._UY648_SS648_Title: NemeSIS
Author: Susan Marshall
Published date: 4th April 2017
Published by: Blue Moon Publishers
Genre: YA, Middle Grade, Contemporary
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 3 / 5 stars

Dad has moved out and Mom has checked out, leaving the door wide open for the beautiful, erratic Rachel to torment her “loser, loner” younger sister, Nadine. With her family in full meltdown mode, Nadine is alone, trying to cope with Rachel’s increasingly unpredictable moods. Friendless, but determined to turn her life around, Nadine meets Anne, who introduces her to field hockey and to her hot twin brothers, Matt and Cameron.

As Nadine’s star begins to rise, however, Rachel plots to bring her back down, and the tension ratchets up when Rachel starts dating Matt just as Nadine is getting to know Cameron better. When Matt’s interest starts to fade, Rachel goes into overdrive. Is Nadine ready to risk it all in a final showdown with her sister?

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book.


Whatever I was expecting when I first saw this book, it clearly wasn’t this.

I really, really thought that Rachel was a psychopath at first, with the way she treated Nadine. But she wasn’t. Also, I didn’t think this book would get so bloody, but it proved me wrong.

I think this book is alright for a book that is written in 1st person POV (if you’ve read my reviews before, you’ll know how I feel about 1st person POV). The narration is okay, and not that whiny. The book had a good start, kind of funny, but it gets a bit boring as you read. I think the only reason I continued reading was because of Cameron. I really loved Nadine and Cameron’s friendship.

As for the characters, I think Nadine is an okay character although I’m not sure if I like her. My feelings about her changes a lot of time so I’ll just stick with I’m “okay” with her. Cameron is adorable, and I absolutely adores him, but his twin not so much. Matthew’s a player and I don’t like that kind of person. The only redeeming quality about him is his protectiveness when it comes to his sister. As for Rachel, I don’t like her, I don’t hate her but I don’t quite know what I feel about her. I’m also disappointed that we didn’t dwell much deeper into whatever mental illness Rachel has or the reasons why she bullies Nadine so extremely.

To sum it up, this is a fast-paced book with a simple plot. If I was younger, maybe around 11 – 15 years old, I would really love this book. But I don’t think older teens would enjoy this much. While sure, it was funny, but it gets a bit boring with the way the information was given. It’s also a slow but fast-paced kind of book. Kind of like, the progress is slow, but if you blink, you’ll miss the climax. There wasn’t much, if at all, character development, and the plot was pretty straightforward. That is why I think middle grade readers or people who wants a non-complex quick read would enjoy this book.

I rate NemeSIS 3 / 5 stars.

Author bio:


One of four daughters — with an unfortunate son arriving smack in the middle — Susan was born and raised in an estrogen-fuelled household in Hamilton, Ontario.
A big fan of university life, she graduated with a history degree from Western University, and library science and teaching degrees from the University of Toronto.

Naturally disorganized, Susan opted out of the library field, instead working for The Globe and Mail and then Seneca College. Four kids later, she decided to stay-at-home, becoming a specialist in offspring dispute resolution.

Writing had always been a much-loved activity, and she happy to have a pursuit that allows her to work at home in sweat pants, drink loads of coffee, and engage in random fits of exercise when she needs a break. An avid reader, Susan loves e-books and falls asleep nightly to the soft glow, oblivious to what happened on the last page.

Susan lives in Toronto with her husband, three sons, a daughter, a dog, and a cat.

So, thoughts?

Have you read this book before? What do you think about this book?
I would like to know what you think.

Thanks for reading.




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