Top 5 Wednesday: Authors You’d Want To Write Like | 29th November ’18

Hi everyone~ I have been such an inconsistent poster when it comes to Top 5 Wednesday. Hopefully, this coming month will be different.

Top 5 Wednesday is a discussion group started by GingerreadsLainey, and now moderated by Sam (thoughtsontomes). This week’s topic is ‘Authors You’d Want to Write Like’. If I’ve been asked this question years ago, I would probably have a lot to list out. But now, hopefully, I can think of five.

top 5 list

1. Holly Bourne

I prefer writing YA fictions, because I love reading YA books. So far, I’ve read Holly Bourne’s ‘The Spinster Club’ Series, and It Only Happens in the Movies, and it didn’t disappoint. But what I love most is that Holly includes feminism and some mental disorder in her books. And in my opinion, her ‘It Only Happens in the Movies’ book is realistic.

I hope I could write something like that one day.


2. Kathleen Glasgow

kathleen-glasgow1It is no secret that I love to read books about mental illness and dysfunctional families. The more it hurts, the more I love them. But only if it was written well. And Kathleen Glasgow did just that. It made me hurt, it made me cry, and it made me laugh, and made me craugh (cry + laugh) haha. I think it’s a gift, to be able to make your readers experience all those emotions.

Therefore, I hope I could write like Kathleen Glasgow one day.

3. Cassandra Clare

So, there was a lot of controversy surrounding Cassandra Clare about her books. But despite that, I still want to write like her. I guess, that’s because I considered reading The Mortal Instruments books a turning point for me. There were diversity inclusions in that series, and in her other Shadowhunters series too (LGBT, POC, mental illness…), and after reading TMI, I started discovering other diverse books. (It was coincidence, but it was life changing for me). But most importantly, the characters. The characters are so lovable, I hope I could write like her one day.


4. Adam Silvera

His characters + the angst. Enough said. I wish I could write something that sad one day.





5. Rick Riordan

I love myths, especially Greek Myths, and Rick Riordan managed to write books with these myths as accurately as he could make them. I love his characters—their humour, sarcasm and personality—and the world he built. I love how he made these worlds crossed with each other.

I wish I can write YA fantasy books influenced by Greek and Roman Myths as good as his one day.


Let’s Chat!

So, those are my Top 5 favourites~ Is there anyone on the list that you love too? Who are your author idols?

Thank you for reading!



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