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Title: Perfectly Misunderstood (Perfect #4)
Author: Robin Daniels
Publication date: 4th April 2018
Published by: Bluefields
Genre: Contemporary, Romance/Romantic Comedy
Readership: YA
Format: Kindle edition
Pages: 304
Star rating: 3.5 / 5 stars


Synopsis: Jayden Valdez is an overachieving intellectual. Mike McGinnes is Franklin High School’s dumbest jock. Even though they barely know each other, she finds his personality repulsive and he thinks she’s got a giant stick up her you know what. Mike and Jayden are surprised and annoyed when their teacher pairs them together for Spanish tutoring. Both feel it’s a complete waste of time, since nobody could learn from a person who bugs the crap out of them. Not to mention that their reputations might be ruined if people realize what they’re doing. But it doesn’t take long for Jayden to discover that Mike has a secret—he isn’t the person he appears to be. Much to her dismay, Jayden finds ‘Secret Mike’ strangely attractive. And for some crazy reason, Mike is amused by Jayden’s clever insults and witty banter. Suddenly, they have a much bigger problem than their mutual disdain. What started as irritating tension is beginning to feel more like romantic tension and acting on it would be a very bad idea.


This was an easy book to read. It was fast-paced, and it surprisingly surpassed my expectations. I didn’t expect to like it as much. This was the first time I read anything from this author (I have not read the other standalone books from this series) so I really didn’t know what expect.

I was taken by surprise (it’s past midnight so my vocabulary is limited right now) by the turn of events at the beginning, and I thought I read the synopsis wrong but it turned out it was probably purposely written vaguely. Maybe. If it was, then I’m not going to spoil it for anyone else.

There are a bunch of characters in this books (some are cameos from previous books) but the focus is of course on Jayden and Mike. The side characters only serves as props. In fact, the only side characters that make a lot of appearance were Becca, and Mike’s younger siblings. Everyone else was almost non-existent.

Speaking of main characters, I like Mike. He’s smart, he’s responsible, he’s a great brother, and sweet as hell. But I hate when he acts dumb in front of other people. Despite that, he’s definitely the kind of guy I root for in book, movies and television shows. Jayden, on the other hand, takes awhile to grow on you. At first, she was so uptight and such a judgemental snob. I’m not kidding when I say I almost DNF-ed this because of that (but I made a commitment to review this so I stick with it), and it was worth it. Not giving up on the book. Well, I still couldn’t connect with Jayden, but as the book progressed, her character became less uptight, her banters with Mike became more fun to read, and Jayden and Mike are just cute together.

To sum it up, I think this is a cute romance book. If anyone wants an easy-flowing book, something that wouldn’t stress you so much (if you could bear with the slight frustration at the beginning of the book), this is for you. Or if anyone wants a teenage Disney movies or teenage romantic comedy Lifetime movies in book form, then this is it. I think readers in their early teenage years would enjoy this book a lot.

I rate this book 3.5 out of 5
About the Author:


Robin Daniels is a sixteen-year-old trapped in a middle-aged body. She’s married to an amazing guy and has five cute but crazy kids. When she’s not chasing children or writing books, she’s coaching volleyball or working on her blog. She tries to read as much as possible, especially when she has housework to do. Robin’s favorites include napping, dessert, pedicures, Christmas, Arizona winters, and Diet Coke.


Jayden’s glare intensified, and I could tell she was sending me mental death threats. Eventually, she gave up and sat down across from me. “Was that so hard?” I asked.

“About as hard as you head.”

“I have harder parts than my head,” I countered. Her eyes grew wide at the implication. I let her stew for a second before lifting my sleeve and flexing my bicep. “You think that’s hard? You should see my abs.” I’d said it as a joke, but it was basically true.

She was surprised for the briefest moment, then she grunted. “How Cro-Magnon of you.”

“Your grunt suggests you’re familiar with the genotype on a personal level.” I smirked.

Jayden’s eyes narrowed. “At least I’ve evolved. Your face suggests that you haven’t yet.”

I tsked in good nature. “Your face might be prettier than mine, but your manners prove you haven’t evolved as much as you think.”


Signed paperback copies of the entire Perfect series

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So, have anyone read Perfectly Misunderstood or any of the Perfect series before? What do you think of the movie?

Do you enjoy YA romantic comedy (books/movies/TV shows)? If yes, I’d love to know what your favourites are?


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