23 years old | Malaysian | Fangirl

Avid reader | Loves urban-fantasy, YA, contemporary, historical fictions (but wouldn’t mind reading other genres too), and fanfictions (I read mostly TMI/TID/TDA, PJO/HOO, The Avengers, and Teen Wolf fanfictions)

Writer | Fanfictions and original novels |

My number 1 OTP | Malec & MarkxKieran

Baking and cooking is on my top 10 fav things to do | I bake almost every week, and I’m the cook in my family from Monday to Friday. My mom cooks during the weekends ;D | I don’t make beautiful things because I suck at presentations but I love to bake and cook filling and comfort food

Loves music | Listens to anything that sounds nice these days | My favorites are Celtic music, Baroque, Classical and Romantic period music, KPOP, and Japanese music (mostly anime and JRock)

I love to travel | I’ve traveled to UK, Paris, Amsterdam, Sweden, and Australia before but I was stupid at that time, and I didn’t really see a lot of things or do a lot of tourist things. I’ve also went to Maldives, but that is more like a relaxing, family vacation and lazy days on the beach | I plan to visit Japan and Korea one day, and also to Europe again. And I want to visit the Seven Wonders.

Dreams to open a book cafe one day

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