Recipe for a Book #2 | Beef Stew

Hey there~

I should have posted this last week, but I was distracted. I’m sorry for that. If you didn’t know yet, I really love cooking and baking (I don’t like to do the dishes though), and so, this is actually an excuse for me to share or show off the recipes that I like. πŸ˜€

Anyways, last week, I finished reading How Hard Can Love Be, a sequel to Am I Normal Yet, written by Holly Bourne. The protagonist for this book is Amber, best friend of Evie (protagonist for the first book), and Lottie. This time, the setting is in America instead of England, more specifically, at a summer camp near Lake Tahoe.
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Recipe for a Book #1

Hey there, everyone πŸ˜€
So, I bet some of you must have felt like eating something when you read, like when you read Stephanie Perkin’s Lola and the Boy Next Door, you’ll feel like eating pies because Lola’s dad bake pies. Or maybe you read some books that made you sad or depressed and all you want is some comfort food. Or maybe something from a book reminds you of some food.

OR maybe that’s just me haha

Anyways, this is how it works. It’s simple really. Just come up with a recipe or menu to go with a book you were reading. Continue reading “Recipe for a Book #1”