Review Policy

Thank you so much for stopping by Eru Books and Recs and for taking the time to read my Review Policy and finding out what my reading/review preferences are.

When contacting me for a review request, I would appreciate if you could include at a minimum the following items:

Book Title and Author
Time frame you are looking for review to be posted

I am currently accepting Young Adult (preferred), New Adult, and Women’s Literature books for review. You can send request emails to

Genres I accept:

› Fantasy
› Fairy Tale/Myth Retellings
› Contemporary
› Mental Illness
› Psychological Thriller
› Mystery/ Crime
› YA Dystopian
› Historical Romance
› Literary fiction

Genres I do not accept:

› Non-fiction
› Spiritual/ Religious
› Self-help
› War Fiction
› Science Fiction

I accept ARCs, ebooks and finished copies. I understand if most will likely send me ebooks, since I am based in Malaysia but I won’t mind getting physical copies of books. In fact, I love them more. And I will most likely read the physical books faster because reading so long on my tablet or phone gives me a headache.

Timeframe: Depending on how much the book interest me, I’ll probably take around 2-3 days to finish reading a book and write a the review within 1-2 weeks, or a month maximum. If you would like your book reviewed by a certain day, or within a certain time period, please mention it in your email, and I usually can meet that date.

I usually cross-post my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. I will also post n official book cover on my Instagram book account with a link to the book review on my WordPress. My review includes: book cover, official synopsis, my overall thoughts and star rating.

Star Rating:

  • 5 stars: I’m in love with the book — I can reread it multiple times
  • 4 stars: I like the book — I will reread it again once or twice after a few months
  • 3.5 stars: It was okay — I might reread it again one day
  • 3 stars: It was okay but I won’t be picking up the book again
  • 2 stars: It was dull and boring
  • 1 star: I did not enjoy the book but I forced myself to finish it
  • DNF: Did not finish

FTC Disclaimer:

I am in no way compensated for any reviews of review copies I receive from publishers and authors. I receive review copies in return for an honest, fair review.