That’s What He Said Thursday (12th May ’17)

Wow, it’s been a year since I posted anything for this meme. Just recently, I read some quotes, and there was one, said by Magnus to Alec, that I really loved. So, I wanted to share it.

Before we start, for those who doesn’t know, That’s What He Said Thursday is a bookish meme hosted by Chapter Break. For more info on what this meme is all about click here.

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Malec Week 2017

Hey everyone~ It’s Malec Week, hosted by magnusbane-aleclightwood@Tumblr! Day 1 officially started…well, yesterday if we go by my time zone (6th May 2017). Anyways, I’m super excited…and nervous. I’ve been having a huge writer’s block when it comes to Malec fanfiction. The last one (before the one I posted for Malec Week Day 1) was almost 6 months ago. And compared to the word vomit that I posted last night, Day 1: Proposal, I think the one from 6 months ago, Upset, was better. But I guess that was mostly due to the controversial content in my Upset fan fiction.

Right now, I think my muse disappeared.

Anyways, back to Malec Week. For fan fiction writers and artists, there are 7 prompt/theme (whatever you call ’em) for each day of the week, and what I planned to write for those days.

May 6th  Day 1: Future scene (Malec Proposal)
let your imagination run wild with a scene that has yet to take place in the future of Malec

May 7th  Day 2: Disney Day (Tuck Everlasting AU!)
Write Malec as your favourite Disney characters or put them in your favourite movie

May 8th Day 3:  Back to the Middle ages. (TBD)
Kings, princes, knights, lords and more. Take Malec out of 2000 and back into the settings of 1100 – 1500 B.C

May 9th Day 4: Greek Mythology (Hades and Persephone AU!)
From Hercules to Percy Jackson, we find Magnus and Alec in a whole new world this day.

May 10th Day 5: Non-supernatural AU. (Coffee shop series)
Magnus and Alec are just mundanes for a day, but where will they meet, what do they do and what is their story.

May 11th Day 6: Switch (TBD)
Alec Lightwood is a powerful Warlock and Magnus Bane a shadowhunter.

May 12th Day 7: Missing moment (TBD)
Time to add a scene to their canon story that you wish you could have seen or read.

So yeah~ That’s the schedule, and what I have to write. Pray that my writer’s block will finally be lifted, and I can start writing decent fan fictions again.

30 Days Blog Challenge: Dinner Guests (Day 6)


In this post, I’m supposed to list ten people I will want to invite to my hypothetical dinner party. They can be fictional characters, historical figures, people in my life…anyone. But I am just going to stick with fictional characters 😀

So, aside from characters that I want to meet (because it’s my dinner party, so of course I’ll meet them <3), other things I’ll think about when choosing are characters that I want to feed. Because dinner party… If I’m hosting at home, I will definitely cook all the meals myself. And I think I’ve mentioned it a couple of times, but I love to feed people.

So… let’s start.
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Updates #3

Hi there… :3

So, I dropped the “Sunday” for this week because I missed Sunday, and it just seemed silly to call this “Sunday Updates” when it’s a Monday.

Anyways, first and foremost, let’s talk about real life.

Lately, I haven’t done much online (so hey, I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you, blog! I’ll start posting book reviews again soon-ish! >.<) Instead, I’ve been busy reading and playing my piano. That’s a good and bad sign. Good because I get my readings done, although most of the books are not from my TBR for this month. Bad because, well, I was playing classical pieces from my Sonatina album. That means I’m stressed, and frustrated, annoyed, but I don’t know why…yet. And just FYI, some classical pieces are really great as a stress reliever. Such as Clementi’s Sonatina in C major — there are a lot of ‘fortissimo’ signs, so you get to play a lot of parts very loudly.

Other than that, hey, it’s almost April. Anyone else is going to join Camo Nanowrimo? 🙂

As for fanfiction updates:

Well… Lately, I’ve been procrastinating, procrastinating, procrastinating. A lot of my new drafts has been put on the back burner, and the one I’m working on for Malec Alphabet Soup Series…well, let’s just say I’m in a writing slump right now.

Now, last but not least, book updates:

I HAVE FINISHED HEROES OF OLYMPUS BY RICK RIORDAN! YAY! lol I’ve also finished reading Playlist for the Dead, which I bought last week even though I said I won’t be buying anymore new books in March. /sigh

Now I’m going to start reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. Yes, I am aware that I should have read PJO first before reading HOO, but I only have book 2 for PJO. I didn’t know when I could borrow my friend’s complete PJO books, so since my sister has the complete HOO books (well, actually, no. She only has book 1-4, but I bought her the final book for her birthday present so that now she has the complete set xD), I decided to read HOO first. And gaaah! The feels! Seriously, poor precious Nico. I couldn’t wait for The Trials of Apollo to be published. 😀

On a side note, and totally unrelated (okay, not really). My mom took my 8 year old sister with her to Melbourne for the holidays. I’m so jealous! I missed Melbourne so much, and Hawthorn! And the food and drinks. Ah! It’s been almost a year since I drank Solo Lemon. It’s an Australian soft drink, and my favourite when I lived in Melbourne last year. /sigh

The OTP Book Tag

Wow. Okay. So, I started this after I saw Thoughts on Tomes on YT video back in February, but then, I left this sitting in my draft for weeks. I’ve been, well, not really busy, but I was kind of “disinterested” in doing things for a while.

Anyways…the questions.



Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood

Okay, so maybe they’ve never really been in a relationship, considering in the wikia Neville was classified as “a close friend” and she married someone else later in her life, but still… I really love this pairing.


Simon Lewis and Isabelle Lightwood

It’s not that I didn’t like that, but I’m not that crazy about them. Although all of that changed after I read Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, a collection of novellas about Simon when he was training to be a shadowhunter.



Rupert Frayne and Muriel Hardwicke

Ugh, I really hate this pairing. I don’t know how Rupert could fall for Muriel in the first place. Thank goodness he didn’t stay with Muriel in the end. Because seriously, Muriel is vile. She’s an evil witch disguised by a beautiful face. Yes, I hate Muriel. A lot.


I don’t really think I have one. At first, I thought of Ron and Hermione, but then again, no. I enjoy reading slow burn romance, so I don’t mind if it takes them a long time to get together, as long as they do get together.



Will, Tessa, and Jem a.k.a HeronGrayStairs

This lovely threesome is my favourite non-canon OTP. But they might as well be CANON because Will loves Jem and Jem loves Will (albeit not romantically), and Tessa loves Will, Will loves Tessa, Tessa loves Jem, and Jem loves Tessa. Everyone loves everyone. So yeah. I love all these pairings, and because I couldn’t choose, I ended up loving them as a threesome. Saves me from the headache of trying to figure out which pair I love more, you know?



Blue Sargent, Noah Czerny, Richard Gansey III, Ronan Lynch and Adam Parrish (art by Azeher)

I seriously love Blue and her raven boys. The interaction between all of them is just so beautiful. I even have a headcanon where Blue and Ronan becomes bff. haha

Clary Fray and Simon Lewis

Yes, I’m cheating, but I can’t help it. I know Clary’s a girl, but THESE TWO IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BROTP, OKAY?!


Clary Fray and Jace Herondale

Clace is my second favourite OTP in The Mortal Instruments series, but Clace in the Shadowhunters TV series made me cringe so much.



Bella and Edward

Yeah, I haven’t really read any of the Twilight books. I kind of gave up halfway through the first book and I’ve only watched the movies. But seriously, I can’t really ship this OTP. I don’t ship Bella and Jake either, but I don’t ship this two. Because, really Edward, watching your love interest sleep without her knowledge is seriously very creepy.


Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood a.k.a MALEC ❤ ❤ ❤

Yes, I ship this two so hard! They are not the first LGBTQ+ OTP I ship, but they are my favourite. Seriously, you can ask my sister. I drove her crazy every time I opened my mouth and talked about Malec. 😀


Ronan Lynch and Adam Parrish a.k.a Pynch (art by Azeher)

Yes, I’m cheating, but I can’t help it. I love them so much too. They are my second favourite LGBTQ+ OTP. They are not canon YET, but I am hoping that they will be…in the final book of The Raven Cycle. Please please please Maggie, I’m begging you. I know most of the readers who read TRC would want Pynch to be CANON too! >.<


Aristotle Mendoza and Dante Quintana

Yes, I’m still cheating, but I can’t leave them out. This is my third fav LGBTQ+ OTP, and the best thing about them is…THEY ARE CANON! Yush! haha I love them so much, especially Dante. My baby~ >o<




Yes, Malec is my all time favourite OTP. Seriously, no one knows how much I love them. Well, except for my sister…and my two friends who I always ranted/fangirl with. Seriously, Malec made me craugh (crying + laughing). Only something I love so so much could do that. Malec made me do nothing but think about them every single moment. Because of Malec, I could only focus on Malec fanfictions. I love Malec so much, I couldn’t think about other OTPs for MONTHS! I just… Malec is my no. 1 love.

So…that is all from me. I’m not going to tag anyone, so feel free to do this tag. Thank you for reading. 🙂

Sunday Updates #2

Hi there~ I haven’t been posting anything here this week. RL pretty much kept me busy. Anyways…

Book updates:


I have just finished Lola and The Boy Next Door. It was amazing. Especially because we get to see Anna and Etiénne again. Seriously, why didn’t I pick up this series sooner.

Because my friend didn’t have Isla and The Happily Ever After yet, I think I’ll buy my own copy of it. But I will probably have to wait for Lady Midnight to come out, so that I can buy that one at the same time. I usually buy my books online (MPHonline) so the shipping is free if I spend RM80+.

I don’t feel like reading anything from my TBR pile right now. So maybe, I’ll reread The Infernal Devices series. I need to refresh my memories on the HeronGrayStairs feels since I need to write fanfics anyways haha

Fanfics updates:

I’ve updated my Malec Alphabet Soup Series, and from the reviews some of the readers submitted, apparently they like it. So I’m glad. Also, one of my readers who left, came back because of it. And I felt smug. I’m still feeling smug. haha

I haven’t started on The Beginning yet, but I’ve wrote some other fics for The Shadowhuntershipweeks on Tumblr. I didn’t get to do one for Clace, but I’ve written on Valentine fic for Sizzy (well, I’m almost done with it and will be posting it tonight), and I’ve wrote a Malec Valentine fic, which is a continuation of my Barista! Magnus series (A TMI Coffeeshop!AU fanfic).

I will be writing more Malec fics, which will start next week, because, well, Malec is my forte after all. I need to start writing Wessa too. BECAUSE SOMEONE REQUESTED IT! FOR THE FIRST TIME SOMEONE REQUESTED IT! ON TUMBLR! LOL I don’t know why but it’s just so much harder to get requests on Tumblr compared to other sites like or Archive of Our Own.

Life updates:

I am still unemployed. I still feel a bit lost about what to do with my life. I think as days passed by, my social skill gets worser. I’m an introvert, with social anxiety, but at least last time, I could still make friends with people online. But now, the conversations pretty much died after a few exchange. Let’s not talk about talking to people face-to-face.

Anyways, thank you for reading 🙂


Sunday Updates #1

So, I’m thinking of doing this weekly… like, updating everything (from books to anything in my life) on the last day of the week thing.

Books update:

I have just finished reading Anna and the French Kiss on Thursday, and finished re-reading City of Ashes (for the second time this year) yesterday.

Anna and the French Kiss was really awesome, amusing, funny, and a bit sad. Not gonna say much about it since I’m going to write a review about it.

Now, I’m starting a new book:


I hope it’ll be as interesting as the first one 😀 According to my sister, I make this noises when I like something. So far, there are four noises in total:

  1. Something similar to a dying bear
  2. Something similar to a dolphin
  3. Something similar to a whale
  4. An “at-the-moment” unidentified noise

If I only make one type of noise, means I just like it. If it’s a combination of two, I really like it, combination of three, I love it, and combination of four noise, I really really love it. I made all four noises while reading Anna and the French Kiss, so I’m hoping Lola and the Boy Next Door will get the same reaction 😀

Fanfiction updates:

I am still working on my Malec Alphabet Soup series. I need to edit the chapter for T (so hopefully I can update that today), and maybe work on the chapter for U after I return from my uncle’s wedding.

Hopefully some time this week I can also work on The Beginning, the first installment for my Bane-Lightwood Family series fanfiction. Since I already have the second installment for that series, Vignettes: Days in the Life of the Bane-Lightwood Family, I need to post the first one before I could post the second.

I have started on my drafts for my Malec Parent Trap!AU, and Malec While He Was Sleeping!AU. So far, the first one is doing great, but the second one, not so much.

Life update:

I still have not found a job, so I am still an unemployed graduate. My parents are pressuring me every single day, to the point that I prefer not being in the same room as them. Yes, most days I probably didn’t even speak to my parents, or be in the same room with them for more than 5 minutes.

Aside from that, I’m going to bake, and sell some pastries and brownies to my sister for her club to sell at school. Hopefully that’ll make my parents not lecture me about not doing anything for awhile.

Oh! Also, last night, I submitted my entry for the Lady Midnight Contest. 🙂


I actually had taken another different photo earlier that night. When I was going to post it, I was like “No, this one is like I’m not even trying.” So at almost 11 p.m., I remembered a scene from CoHF, and thought, yes, maybe I can do that. And voila~!

Dressed up at 11 p.m. lol and had my sister take the photo. I was too lazy to apple on new make up, but thankfully the one from earlier was still on.


This was the photo I wanted to post at first 🙂 I forgot to add my Bane Chronicles book.

So, that’s all from me today.

I’ll see you on this weekly update next Sunday 🙂