Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Non-Written Novels (15th Feb ’17)

Hey guys~ As usual, I am late. Wednesday was yesterday for me. This also happens to be my first T5W post of the year. πŸ˜€ As you all know, Top 5 Wednesday is a discussion group on Goodreads, started by Lainey and now moderated by Sam.

This week’s topic is Favourite Non-Written Novels. Basically, it means any top 5 fav manga, comics, graphic novels…etc. any others books except for the normal novel, you can list it down.

Mine will definitely be filled with manga, haha. I mostly read shoujo manga (romantic, sweet, fluffy manga that is sure to make a girl’s heart go doki doki), and yaoi manga (LGBT manga, well, yaoi specifically focused on gay love). But sometimes I do like to read action/ fantasy manga.

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30 Days Blog Challenge: Dinner Guests (Day 6)


In this post, I’m supposed to list ten people I will want to invite to my hypothetical dinner party. They can be fictional characters, historical figures, people in my life…anyone. But I am just going to stick with fictional characters πŸ˜€

So, aside from characters that I want to meet (because it’s my dinner party, so of course I’ll meet them <3), other things I’ll think about when choosing are characters that I want to feed. Because dinner party… If I’m hosting at home, I will definitely cook all the meals myself. And I think I’ve mentioned it a couple of times, but I love to feed people.

So… let’s start.
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Top 5 Wednesday | Favourite Diverse Characters

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey (gingereadslainey on YT) on goodsreads. This week’s T5W topic is Favourite Diverse Characters.

Magnus Bane from Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters series (he appeared in The Infernal Devices, and The Mortal Instruments). Magnus is my no. 1 favourite in these series :D. He is a half-Asian warlock, and he is bisexual. The thing that endeared Magnus the most to me was that even though he said he wouldn’t help the shadowhunters anymore, he still end up helping. But that’s only one of the reason that makes me love Magnus. If I were to list everything out, I’d be writing an esay.

Helen Blackthorn from the Mortal Instruments series. She is half-nephilim and half-faerie, and a lesbian. She’s in a relationshop with Aline Penhallow, another nephilim. I love her personality, and she’s also pretty. She’s the reason why I don’t end up disliking Aline throughout the rest of the Mortal Instruments books.

Maia Roberts from The Mortal Instruments series.Β  She was born into a biracial family, and she’s a werewolf. I don’t really like her at the beginning, but throught the books, she grew on me. I think that she’s so badass and clever, because she became the new leader for her pack of werewolves even though she’s still a teen.

Matt from By Any Other Name. He is a minor side character, who has very little scenes in the book. He is nineteen, Joe’s older brother. He lost both his legs not long after he joined the army, but despite his disability, he is still very lively and not bitter. He is awesome, and I can’t say why because that’ll be a spoiler.

Maora (Ichinomiya Yoshitaka) from Shinshi Doumei Cross. He is a bisexual crossdresser. At least, I think he is bisexual (instead of gay) because he did try to win the female protagonist’s love in one of the books. I love him because he’s clever, and really looks like a girl when he cross-dresses. And his pet mini-sheep is just adorable. He’s very strong too πŸ˜›

So… those are all my top 5 favourite diverse characters. I realized I haven’t read that many books that has diverse characters (or I didn’t notice them) because most of my favs came from the same book series.

Anyways, I’d like to know some of your favourite diverse characters too. Comment down below to list them out, or just to say hi~ πŸ™‚

Top 5 Wednesday | Top Graphic Novels

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey (gingereadslainey on YT) on goodsreads. This week’s T5W is Top Graphic Novels. I don’t really read much graphic novels aside from Japanese manga, so that’s what I will do. My top 5 list is in no particular order.

kingyo-souKingyo Sou by Fujitsuka Yuki is probably my favourite shoujo manga of all time. It’s not too long, it only has two volumes, 8.2 chapters.

Kingyo Sou is about a girl named Asuka, who fell in love with a taiko player, Masami, when he heard him play during the spring festival. She later founds out that Masami is deaf, but that did not deters her from getting to know Masami. Their relationship has its ups and downs while Masami try to readjust, expanding his world, and Asuka tries to stop walking on eggshells around him.

I love that their romance is bittersweet, and I love the characters, especially Masami. Masami is an expressionless/emotionless person most of the time, and I like how he gets flustered or embarrassed when he tries to do something romantic for Asuka. I also love it that he’s blunt.

beauty-popBeauty Pop by Arai Kiyoko is a shoujo manga that has most of my favourite tropes in it. One of it is the “secret identity” trope. It has 10 volumes in total.

Beauty Pop is about a girl Koshiba Kiri, who is considered a hairstyling prodigy. She uses her hairstyling talents to help other girls, but does so anonymously. SP, otherwise known as Scissors Project, is a group made of three boys that went to the same high school as Kiri. When Kiri helped a girl, who was rejected by SP, with a makeover, she started getting known as the mysterious ‘X’. While Narumi, the head of SP group, butts head with Kiri, and Ochiai, another member of SP, plots to expose her, Kiri found herself drawn back into the competitive hairstyling world.

Shinshi Doumei Cross by Tanemura Arina is a shoujo manga that has a lot of my favourite tropes too, and has cute graphics. Also, the characters are awesome. There are some LGBTQ+ characters too. Also, the outfits Tanemura Arina drew are just so cute! This manga involves rich, rich kids, most of them, and private schools, and politics (kind of, in a way). I won’t bother trying to summarize this, because I’ll end up writing an essay instead. But, this is like my favourite. I even own physical copy of all the volumes.

Prince of Tennis by Takeshi Konomi. It is a sports manga, and not the type of manga I usually read. I even dismissed it completely when I first saw it at the bookstore. But a few years later, when I was 14, I accidentally watched an episode of the anime adaption, and immediately started reading. And boy, I was so wrong for dismissing this awesome manga.

Gokusen by Morimoto Kozueko. Again, it’s not the type of manga that I usually read. I’m not that fond of the graphic style, and I’m also not that fond of when the male is a few years younger than the female in a pairing. But it has some of my favorite tropes, mainly the “secret identity” thing, and also it involves yakuza, and action. What’s not to love. πŸ˜€

So, what are your favorite graphic novels? Do we share some fav ones? Or do you have anything you wanna recommend? Just comment down below πŸ˜€