Book Review Masterlist

This is a list of all the books that I have reviewed, sorted alphabetically by author first name.
Books with multiple authors will be sorted based on the name of the first author.


Anna Breslaw – Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here ★★★★ (YA)


Bronwyn Archer – Valley of the Moon ★★★1/2 (Contemporary, Mystery, YA)


• Christine H. Bailey – The Broken One (coming soon)


Eli Celata – High Summons ★★★ 1/2 (YA, Paranormal, Fantasy)


• Holly Bourne – …And A Happy New Year? ★★★★★ (YA, Contemporary, Feminism)


Julie Cross & Mark Perini – You Before Anyone Else ★★★★ (YA, Contemporary, Romance)
Jojo Moyes – Me Before You ★★★★½ (Women’s Fiction)
• Josie Demuth – A Thousand Salt Kisses (coming soon)


Katie Fforde – Living Dangerously ★★★½ (Women’s Fiction)
Kathleen Glasgow – Girl In Pieces ★★★★★ (YA, Contemporary, Mental Illness)
Kathleen Groger – The Shattered Seam (The Seam Stalkers #1) ★★★★ (YA, Horror, Paranormal)
Kiera Cass – The Selection (Book 1, The Selection Trilogy) ★★★½ (YA)


Lindsey Summers – Textrovert ★★★½
Lisa Williamson – The Art of Being Normal ★★★★ (LGBTQIA (Transgender), YA)


Margaret Lesh – My Friends Are All Strange ★★★★ (YA, Contemporary, Mental Illness)
Matthew Quick – Every Exquisite Thing ★★★★★ (YA, Contemporary, Mental Illness)
Michelle Chow – Fall ★★★★½ (LGBTQIA (M/M), YA)


Natalie D. Richards – One Was Lost ★★★½ (YA, Contemporary, Thriller/Mystery)
Nora Roberts – Savour the Moment ★★★★ (Women’s Fiction, Romance)


Rachel Shane – Kasey Screws Up the World ★★★★ (YA, Contemporary)
Rebecca Bischoff – The French Impressionist ★★★ (YA, Contemporary)
Rena Rocford – Of Pens and Swords ★★★★ (YA, Contemporary)
Rivka Aaron-Hughes – Mr. March Names the Stars ★★★½ (LGBTQIA (Transgender, Asexual) (M/M), Romance)


Sandy Hall – A Little Something Different ★★★★ (YA, Contemporary, Romance)
Sara Hantz – In the Blood ★★★ (YA, Mystery)
Stacie Ramey – The Homecoming ★★★★ (YA, Contemporary Romance)


Therin Knite – Solace ★★★★★ (YA)
Tori Rigby – Because I Love You ★★★½ (YA, Romance)
Tricia Sol – Growing Up ★★1/2 (LGBTQIA (M/M), Romance, Adult)


• Valentina Heart – Good Together (coming soon) ★★★★ (LGBTQIA (M/M), Romance, Adult)


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